Laurence Fox is running to be London mayor and people’s reactions are hilarious

Laurence Fox is running to be London mayor and people’s reactions are hilarious
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Actor-turned-activist Laurence Fox‘s announcement that he will be running to be London’s mayor later this year, becoming the latest anti-lockdown candidate to join the delayed election, has been met with ridicule on social media.

The 42-year-old made the jump from being a C-list actor to a C-list political commentator last year after wading into a number of rows about so-called “political correctness”.

Some of his greatest hits include complaining about the depiction of a Sikh soldier in the film 1917 and threatening to boycott Sainsbury’s over the supermarket’s decision to offer online “safe spaces” for black employees.

Now, the actor is attempting to turn his talent for minor controversy into a political career by challenging Sadiq Khan for the London mayorship in May.

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, Fox claimed he would “speak up for those who are being dominated into silence” as part of a campaign against what he called “extreme political correctness”.

And with inspiring political rhetoric like the kind found in the Twitter video announcing his campaign last night, he’ll surely go far...

Fox said:

“It’s been a strange 12 months in which we’ve given up so many of our personal freedoms in the name of the common good.

“Now look, whether you agree or disagree with how things have been handled, the one thing we can agree on is that we find ourselves here, now, today.

“Not tomorrow and not yesterday, thank god, today.”

Wise words from the “common sense” candidate – one thing we can all agree on is that we definitely find ourselves here … today.

Fox then goes on to refer indirectly to his anti-lockdown platform, framing it as a mission to “reclaim our freedom”...

You can find the video below:

Unsurprisingly, the campaign announcement has been met with derision from some social media users…

Meanwhile, other users pointed out the irony of Fox claiming to be standing up for those who have been “silenced” while also announcing his campaign in one of the country’s leading national newspapers…

Of course, the chances of Fox actually winning the election seem slim to almost non-existent, as Khan is leading in recent polls by more than 20 points against his closest challenger – Conservative candidate Shaun Bailey.

So the most likely outcome is Fox will simply join the long-list of fringe candidates, such as lockdown-sceptic Piers Corbyn and satirical activist Count Binface, who’ll end up losing their deposit when they receive less than 5 per cent of the vote…

Although who knows ... crazier things have happened in politics in recent years...

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