Liz Truss embarrasses herself within seconds of Fox News appearance

Liz Truss embarrasses herself within seconds of Fox News appearance

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Liz Truss

We’re now in that insufferable period where Liz Truss, the UK’s shortest-serving prime minister, is doing as much promotion as possible for her new book, Ten Years to Save the West – and she’s already embarrassed herself during an appearance on Fox News on Tuesday.

In the run up to the book’s release, the South West Norfolk MP has been expressing her hope that Republican candidate Donald Trump will return to the White House following the US presidential election later this year.

She even penned a piece for the Wall Street Journal on Monday titled “The Deep State Lies in Wait for Trump”, in which she warns his second term as Potus “will be much like my time in office if he doesn’t confront the entrenched bureaucracy”.

All of this talk of Trump has naturally caught the attention of the US media, with Fox News inviting her onto Fox and Friends to speak about her endorsement of the former Apprentice star on Tuesday – except it went about as well as you’d expect.

Introducing Truss, presenter Brian Kilmeade said: “Great to see you. Your thoughts…”

But before he could continue his question – likely due to the delay in the feed – Truss replied: “Great to see you, and here’s my new book.”

Shameless self-promotion aside, what made the situation all the more embarrassing was that she started off by showing the back of the book, upside down.

Truss then quickly flipped it, but it remained the wrong way round, so it was on her third attempt that she rotated the book to show it the correct way up for viewers to see the cover properly.

The excruciating TV moment is already doing the rounds on social media:

The mishap is perhaps in keeping with bizarre anecdotes and topics explored in Truss’ book, which include an anecdote about almost vomiting on then senior civil servant Sue Gray and having to deal with a flea infestation in No 10.

Truly riveting reading, that.

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