Liz Truss insists she's not the 'worst PM ever' - only to make one big mistake

Liz Truss insists she's not the 'worst PM ever' - only to make one big mistake

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The UK’s shortest-serving prime minister Liz Truss is continuing to try and defend her infamously brief time in office, to the point that the South West Norfolk candidate gave an interview to local news outlet Eastern Daily Press (EDP) in which she insisted she isn’t the “worst PM” ever – and offered up a bizarre alternative instead.

Truss, who was already making headlines this week for appearing on a podcast platform run by a right-wing personality (Carl Benjamin or “Sargon of Akkad’”), who once said he “wouldn’t even rape” Labour MP Jess Phillips.

The conversation itself was with presenter Connor Tomlinson, and a spokesman for Truss said in a statement to LBC that she has “never met or had any dealings with Benjamin”.

Now, speaking to EDP’s editor Richard Porritt, Truss doubled down on her usual conspiratorial remarks about “unelected officials” being responsible for the end of her time in Downing Street – similar to comments she made at the Conservative Political Action Conference or CPAC earlier this year, and in her book Ten Years to Save the West.

When asked to identify the people she believes are actually in charge, Truss said: “Unelected officials in organisations like the Bank of England who are not accountable. The governor of the Bank of England has failed over inflation and yet he has not been held to account.

“The media tend to go for the politicians instead of asking ‘what the CEO of Natural England is doing? What’s the governor of the Bank of England doing?’ These people have a lot of power.”

While insisting that she is “not saying” that it was a “deliberate plot” by the establishment to take her down, she went on to add that she was “thwarted in delivering” policies she was elected as party leader to put in place.

“We have a problem in this country that someone elected on a mandate can’t deliver that mandate because the unelected state don’t want to deliver it. We need to change the way Britain is governed.

“The worst prime minister in recent years is Tony Blair who created things like the Equality Act, the Human Rights Act and the Climate Change Act.”

Except, social media users have pointed out one small problem:

Others responded by noting that there was a catastrophe which was actually overseen by Blair and continues to be viewed with condemnation by many - known as the Iraq war:

Oh, and for meme lovers, Porritt reports Truss genuinely mentioned pork markets during their interview.

Incredible stuff.

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