Liz Truss mocked for claiming 'deep state' sabotaged her

Liz Truss mocked for claiming 'deep state' sabotaged her
Liz Truss claims 'wokery' being spread in schools and universities
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At a right wing conference in America, former Prime Minister Liz Truss told attendees it was the "Deep State" that caused her short tenure in Office, not her own actions.

Truss, who is the shortest serving Prime Minister in British history, spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Maryland this week. The event is the largest annual gathering of conservatives in the US, and in recent years has been known for its embracement of Donald Trump's populism.

During Wednesday's opening session, Truss, alongside Nigel Farage, attempted to prevent herself as the victim in her situation.

“I wanted to cut taxes, reduce the administrative state, take back control as people talked about in the Brexit referendum. What I did face was a huge establishment backlash and a lot of it actually came from the state itself," she said.

In fact, Truss went so far to say the reason for her leaving office was due to the "deep state".

“What has happened in Britain over the past 30 years is power that used to be in the hands of politicians has been moved to quangos and bureaucrats and lawyers so what you find is a democratically elected government actually unable to enact policies.”

Truss was then interrupted and asked to explain what she meant by "quango".

“A quango is a quasi non-governmental organisation. In America you call it the administrative state or the deep state. But we have more than 500 of these quangos in Britain and they run everything," she replied. Before going on to list the Environmental Agency, Office for Budget Responsibility, and the Bank of England.

The 48-year-old went on to publish an opinion piece on the Fox News website, where she said agents of "the left" are active in the administrative state and "the deep state".

“I saw this for myself first hand as they sabotaged my efforts in Britain to cut taxes, reduce the size of government and restore democratic accountability,” she wrote.

After Truss' comments were published, social media couldn't quite believe what she was saying.

Labour MP Diane Abbott called Truss' speech "ridiculous", adding: "It was not the 'deep state' that brought her down, it was the markets horrified by the idiocy of her economic plans."

Others called her "bonkers" and a "conspiracy theorist".

Truss has been using CPAC to promote her book Ten Years to Save the West. The cover states that she was the Prime Minister of Great Britain, but the correct term is United Kingdom, as Great Britain is the geographical term for the island of Britain and excludes Northern Ireland.

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