New Tory policy idea is alienating young people like nothing before

New Tory policy idea is alienating young people like nothing before
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The Tories are considering a policy that is alienating just about everyone.

Despite the small matter of generational inequality, over-50s could become exempt from paying income tax for a year to incentivise them back to work and deal with labour shortages and economic inactivity.

A senior government source reportedly told The Times, who first reported the news,: "The biggest challenge we are facing is how to get people back into the workforce.

"There’s a discussion in the Treasury about how use the tax system, whether people could be given a bigger tax allowance during the first few years they are back in work."

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Safe to say, the report was met by horror and disgust by people who couldn't believe the Tories are apparently considering shafting the young in favour of the old once again.

Here's what people made of the idea on Twitter:

We think it is best if the Tories go back to the drawing board...

indy100 has contacted the Treasury to comment on this story.

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