Rishi Sunak has been roasted for not knowing the difference between the words “practise” and “practice”.

The Chancellor posted a photo of himself on Twitter preparing for his Conservative Party conference speech, which he had propped up on two cushions in an office with a platter of sandwiches in front of him, perhaps hoping to drum up a social media storm in advance of the speech.

But his poise quickly unravelled. “Practise makes perfect” he announced, sharing a link for eager viewers who wanted to tune into the speech.

Immediately, people rushed to tell him the in the English language, practise is a verb and practice is a noun, so Sunak (or more likely his social media lackey) had got it completely wrong.

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In the speech this morning, Sunak is expected to announce new job support schemes to help people find employment now the furlough scheme has come to an end. He will also promise to reshape the economy around technology and scientific innovation, the BBC reports, and will also promise to make the UK the “the most exciting place on the planet” through better infrastructure and improved skills.

Thankfully, he will be reading it out not publishing a pamphlet or anything, so if there are any further spelling mistakes viewers won’t know about it.

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