Awkward moment Rishi Sunak is asked to apologise for Liz Truss

Awkward moment Rishi Sunak is asked to apologise for Liz Truss
'Grateful': Rishi Sunak asked if he regrets Truss leadership

Rishi Sunak was asked to apologise about Liz Truss and it was very awkward.

During PMQs, Stephen Flynn, Westminster leader of the SNP asked the prime minister to apologise for his predecessor in the role and left Sunak stumbling.

Flynn said: "The former prime minister said she does not regret her time in office. Does the prime minister regret her time in office?"

The house laughed and Sunak replied: "I am grateful to all my predecessors for the contribution they made to public life" then tried to change the subject to talk about Zelensky ahead of his address yesterday.

Flynn didn't let things lie there and listed a number of mistakes Truss made in the short time she was in power including damaging the economy, pension funds, crashing the pound and creating "soaring" interest rates. He added that Truss wouldn't apologise for the mistakes but questioned if Sunak would.

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"On behalf of the Tory party will he apologise for her?" he asked.

"On the first day that I took office I said that mistakes had been made," Sunak said before listing a number of successes in his premiership, claiming he had stabilised the economy.

It comes after Truss popped up again, writing a 4,000 piece essay in the Sunday Telegraph explaining what went wrong in her premiership.

What an awkward encounter.

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