Tory labelled a ‘gobs****’ by Labour MP after being kicked out of Commons

Tory labelled a ‘gobs****’ by Labour MP after being kicked out of Commons
Lindsay Hoyle kicks Tory MP Paul Bristow out of PMQs

A Tory MP was called a “gobs****” by a Labour MP after he was kicked out of the House of Commons during Prime Minister’s Questions.

Paul Bristow, the Conservative MP for Peterborough, was ordered out of the commons chamber on Wednesday (24 May) by Speaker Lindsay Hoyle during a rather fiery session of PMQs.

Hoyle had warned MPs on both sides about the noise they were making, eventually ejecting Tory backbencher Bristow and telling him: “I am not having it and I warned you before.”

Following the incident, Bristow took to Twitter, feigning ignorance as to why his name was trending.

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In a tweet posted alongside a screenshot that showed his name trending at number four in the UK on Twitter, he wrote: “What happened?”

Luckily, Labour MP for East Hull, Karl Turner, was on hand to answer the question for him, telling him, “You’re a gobs****”.

While some called out the MP for his use of bad language, others congratulated him on his brutally honest comment.

“You f****** legend,” one person replied. Another wrote: “I think I have a man crush.”

Someone else argued: “Finally, an honest politician.”

“Tweet. Of. The. Day is awarded to, Karl Turner MP,” another said.

During his own question at PMQs, Turner quizzed Prime Minister Rishi Sunak on why the British public is paying the £250,000 bill for Boris Johnson's “lying enquiry”.

Sunak claimed that it is a “long-established” practise that former ministers get help with legal representation, however, Turner suggested that Johnson is the only one to have done so.

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