Joe Rogan says more rappers showing support for Trump because of his conviction

Joe Rogan says more rappers showing support for Trump because of his conviction
Joe Rogan says Israel is committing genocide in Gaza
The Joe Rogan Experience

Joe Rogan believes that Trump's criminal conviction has only increased the former President's support, but specifically amongst one group: rappers.

Rogan was interviewing comedian Tony Hinchcliffe on his podcast The Joe Rogan Experiencewhen he made his claim.

Speaking about Trump, Hinchcliffe said, "They're changing the tone on this. They're doing it. They wanna try to make him look like a bad guy, but people just aren't stupid anymore." He added, "I mean, obviously still half of the country doesn't get it."

This is where Rogan chimed in, claiming, "So many rappers are showing support for Trump now, it's crazy."

"Because now, he’s got a felony," Rogan continued. "I mean, like, now they realize also he’s getting trapped by the system, just like everybody’s been rapping about being trapped by the system, this bulls**t system. And you watch it happen with him.”

Hinchcliffe agreed, saying "exactly," before adding, "I don’t think they were counting on the Black voter being like, ‘Hey, they just f***ed that guy. That’s what they do to us.’”

The podcast host went on to call the U.S. a "banana republic" and Mexico without the assassinations.

Many took issue with Rogan's remarks branding them 'racist'.

"I legitimately hate this narrative and how they don't even consider how it's insulting," one user wrote after watching the clip.

Another wrote, "it be two dumb b*tches telling each other 'exactly'."

Trump himself has made similar comments back in February, saying, "Black people like me" because Trump is being "discriminated against" just like them.

"My mug shot — we’ve all seen the mug shot, and you know who embraced it more than anybody else? The Black population," Trump said at the time. "You see Black people walking around with my mug shot, you know, they do shirts and they sell them for $19 apiece. It’s pretty amazing — millions by the way."

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