Listening to the Joe Rogan podcast is a major turn off for women, study finds

Listening to the Joe Rogan podcast is a major turn off for women, study finds
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The Joe Rogan Experience podcast

Findings of a study have revealed that the majority of women think it’s a turn-off if their significant other listens to Joe Rogan’s podcast.

Rogan has come under fire in the past after making some controversial comments on his Spotify podcast The Joe Rogan Experience.

The outspoken host has previously been accused of spreading misinformation about the Covid-19 vaccine and making anti-semitic comments.

Despite this, Rogan’s podcast is extremely popular with reports suggesting that each episode draws an audience of 11 million.

But, for his fans, it’s not all good news as a study has found that the majority of women think it’s a “'turn-off” if their partner is a listener.

More than 1,000 people between the ages of 18 to 34 were interviewed by Change Research, who found that 55 per cent of women felt it was a big “red flag” if someone listens to The Joe Rogan Experience.

In contrast, 35 per cent of men found it a red flag if their partner likes to listen to the podcaster.

The interview also asked participants about other red flags when it comes to relationships, throwing up some interesting gender-based trends.

The study found more than 75 per cent of women thought it would be a dealbreaker if their partner was a MAGA supporter. On the other hand, for men it was 59 per cent.

It was also revealed that a partner not having a hobby was a problem for women more than it was for men – 66 per cent, compared with 60 per cent.

In fact, for men, the biggest red flag for them was if their partner said they were a “communist”, with 64 per cent seeing that as an issue.

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