Video of Trump physically cutting regulations goes viral after Ohio train derailment

Video of Trump physically cutting regulations goes viral after Ohio train derailment
Trump accuses government of 'indifference' and 'betrayal' toward Ohio community

In the weeks following the Ohio train derailment, many blame Donald Trump and his administration for slashing environmental and train regulations.

Now, a video of the former president physically cutting and bragging about those regulations is going viral on Twitter.

The video, taken in 2017, shows Trump standing with giant scissors in front of a red ribbon, a la ribbon cutting ceremony.

On each side of the red ribbon is a stack of papers, on the left, a very short stack representing the number of regulations in 1960, and on the right, a large stack representing the increase in regulations in 2017.

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“This is where we were in 1960 and when we’re finished, which won’t be in too long a period of time, we will be less than where we were in 1960 and we will have a great regulatory climate,” Trump says in the video.

Part of those regulations that Trump cut was an Obama-era safety regulation that required trains to implement more advanced braking systems, especially while carrying highly flammable material.

Other cut regulations included regular safety audits and a rule that required at least two crew members on freight trains.

The criticism of Trump comes shortly after he made a trip to East Palestine, Ohio where residents are fearing for their health and safety after the train crash released potentially hazardous chemicals into the air, soil, and water.

Many have said Trump’s visit was for political gain as he is campaigning for 2024 president.

During his visit, Trump criticised president Joe Biden and his administration for failing to act quickly in the wake of the derailment.

However, it seems Trump’s visit has only highlighted his administration’s regulatory failures.

It is unclear if some of the regulations Trump’s administration cut would have helped the Ohio train derailment situation. The head of the National Transportation Safety Board said the new braking system would not have improved the train in East Palestine because it veered off its tracks.

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