Trump's Kim Jong Un comments about Ron DeSantis have left people baffled

Trump's Kim Jong Un comments about Ron DeSantis have left people baffled
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Former US President Donald Trump has hit out at his campaign rival Ron DeSantis with a bizarre comment about befriending Kim Jong Un.

Florida governor Ron DeSantis officially launched his 2024 presidential campaign yesterday on Twitter in comically chaotic fashion, announcing his run for the presidency in a Twitter Space alongside Elon Musk.

It didn’t take long for former president Trump to mock his Republican rival with a fake video on Instagram imitating the glitchy announcement that was overshadowed by technical issues.

His jibes didn’t end there as Trump also brought up some strange comments about the controversial North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, as well as giving his opponent a childish nickname.

In a post on Trump’s own social media platform Truth Social, he wrote: “‘Rob,’ My Red Button is bigger, better, stronger, and is working (TRUTH!), yours does not! (per my conversation with Kim Jung Un, of North Korea, soon to become my friend!).”

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People were left utterly baffled by Trump’s comments, with many unsure of what message he was actually trying to convey.

One account said: “Trump statements are honestly now more insane than any parody account could ever write.

“Like what in the absolute hell is this???”

Another pointed out: “OK but why is Trump implying Kim Jong Un has had sex with both him and DeSantis, and then had a conversation comparing their penises.”

Someone else also questioned Trump's comments, particularly as he tried to convey during his presidency that he and the North Korean leader were friends, keeping letters sent between the two of them.

Trump’s comment left someone else arguing: “There is simply no way to prepare for the levels of unhinged that are about to be unleashed upon this nation.”

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