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Aldi launches pizza vending machine that serves you in just two minutes

Aldi launches pizza vending machine that serves you in just two minutes

Aldi launches new pizza vending machine


We may not have flying cars or hoverboards yet, but, Aldi has just launched a robotic pizza vending machine that will serve you in just two minutes.

The machine is called ‘Pizzabot’ and can cook up to 450 gourmet pizzas a day, or around 17 per hour, for hungry shoppers from $8.99 AUD each.

The one-of-a-kind robot is situated exclusively at an Aldi store in north Sydney, Australia for a limited time only.

The new 'Pizzabot' from Aldi will serve you a hot, gourmet pizza in just two minutesAldi Australia/Sourced

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Created in collaboration with a Bondi start-up called Placer Robotics, ‘Pizzabot’ provides two-topping flavours - pepperoni and Italiana - made with local ingredients and even features a glass-front for customers to watch as their pizza is cooked and packaged before their eyes.

“We are extremely excited by our collaboration with Pizzabot, a true Aussie innovation, to deliver great quality pizza and a unique experience, at the lowest price point,” Huw Longman, director of Aldi Corner Store, told 7 News.

“This collaboration to launch Pizzabot reflects our commitment to delighting our customers with innovation.”

The pizzas are partially cooked in Bondi then chilled in the Pizzabot so they can then be cooked in a matter of minutes.

Pizzabot’s founder and managing director, Matt Lipski, told 7 News: “We use the freshest, highest quality ingredients - including buffalo mozzarella, fresh basil, gourmet salami and 48-hour rise dough.

“Our custom oven, which reaches temperatures as high as a wood-fired oven with digital precision, guarantees the perfect crispness, taste and look of each slice, every time.”

Sadly, there are no current plans to launch Pizzabot in the UK – trip to Australia for a quick pizza, anyone?

Looks pretty good to us!Aldi Australia/Sourced

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