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As we reported earlier in the week, former President of the United States Barack Obama's reaction to incidents in Charlottesville, Virginia, became the most-liked tweet of all time.

As Fortune worked out, he's responsible for six of the top ten most-liked tweets of all time.

As TwitterAudit.com demonstrates, Obama also has far more followers, and a far greater proportion of real followers, instead of bots.

However, we should note with these figures that Barack Obama was President of the United States for 8 years, and enjoyed significantly more international exposure than Donald Trump over the past decade.

Barack Obama also improved the perception of the United States around the world, according to the Pew Research Centre's Global Attitudes Project survey. Donald Trump severely degraded it.

By 2016, Barack Obama had increased the average favorability score of the United States in countries around the world by 43.87 per cent, compared to George W. Bush's last year in office.

This score fell precipitously when Donald Trump took office, decreasing 19.79 per cent for June 2017.

Here's how confidence in the United States President around the world changed over those years.

In short - selected countries in the world respected Barack Obama and held a positive view of the United States, a quality that Donald Trump has yet to attain in their eyes.

Don't bank on it changing soon.

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