A worrying video of the United States has shown just how quickly the coronavirus can spread if people don't abide by social distancing advice and avoid mass gatherings.

The footage comes courtesy of the location technology company X-Mode and the data visualisation firm Tectonix, who analysed the heavily criticised gatherings at spring break in Florida earlier this month, where some of the attendees have since been confirmed as having the virus.

By looking at the cellphone data from one beach in Fort Lauderdale, you can see how far and how quickly they travelled across the United States and thus bringing this incredibly contagious and dangerous virus with them.

They didn't limit their research to just spring break.

Here is a video analysing the phone data of New Yorkers who didn't stay at home and shows how widespread their movement was during the month of March.

Tectonix has also reportedly released date for Seattle and Rome, with the latter showing a significant drop in movement and normal social patterns between February 15 and March 18.

Still, it shouldn't be reserved to just the individuals of these respective cities. Stay at home and social distancing has been advised as the best way to combat the virus so please follow that advice.

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