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Even Donald Trump's own supporters are horrified by his plans to repeal net neutrality.

On Tuesday, the Trump Administration announced plans that rules that keep websites on the internet free to access will be undone in December.

The chair of the Federal Communications Commission stated that it will repeal the law that bans internet service providers from interfering with what people see on the web.

Net neutrality is the policy that all internet traffic is treated the same, and access to websites is not interfered with by the provider.

When net neutrality does not exist, companies are then able to block, slow, or restrict access to popular websites, and charge users money to gain access or remove the restrictions.

The FCC proposal to repeal net neutrality will specifically remove the requirement for internet service providers (ISPs) to disclose whether or not they block or restrict access to certain websites.

Even Trump's supporters are horrified

On the controversial subreddit The Donald, his followers, who are usually in lockstep with him are torn.

It was recently revealed by The Atlantic that Julian Assange's Wikileaks had been in contact with Donald Trump Jr via Twitter direct messages, during the 2016 presidential election.

On Tuesday, Mr Assange took to Twitter to implore President Trump not to repeal net neutrality - mostly by appealing to his paranoia.

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