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Is this clever robot proof machines will inherit the earth?

Forget Deep Blue, there’s now a new robot that can beat you in a battle of wits.

Scientists at the University of Tokyo have developed a robot with a 100 per cent win rate at 'Rock, Paper, Scissors'.

The robot, developed at the Ishikawa Watanabe Laboratory, functions by reading your hand gesture with a high-speed camera and mimicking it instantly.

You cannot outsmart it.

It cannot be beaten.

We, for one publication, welcome our new robot overlords.

The high speed camera turns the image of your hand into a silhouette, reading the shape using visual recognition algorithms. It then changes the gesture of the robots hand in order to defeat the gesture that has been thrown against it.

The entire process happens in roughly a millisecond and the robot has never been beaten.

We think we two should be made pitted against each other - we just need a robot capable of keeping count of the matches.

To watch the full video, see below:

(H/T Daily Dot)

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