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An old photo of a sweaty Mark Zuckerberg from 13 years ago is all kinds of cursed

An old photo of a sweaty Mark Zuckerberg from 13 years ago is all kinds of cursed

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Reddit users have expressed their shock after stumbling upon a picture of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg dancing to ‘house music’ back in 2009.

It turns out the pic was from the 00s after a DJ named Dory, from New York, confirmed the image was “from three years ago” in a Facebook post from 2013.

“Who knew,” she added.

Well, some users of the r/Weird subreddit certainly didn’t, after one individual shared the snap and asked: “Is that Mark Zuckerberg on the left? Picture from house music event in early 2000’s.”

2009 certainly isn’t the “early 2000s”, but we’ll let that slide.

With Zuckerberg being born in 1984, he would have been around 25 years old when the picture was taken.

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Of course, it wasn’t long before the robot memes followed in the comments.

“He probably drank water and fried his circuits,” replied one user, referring to the splodges of (presumably) sweat visible on his black t-shirt.

Another quipped: “Dude has been wearing one shirt since forever.”

“I am dancing, fellow human,” wrote a third.

Facebook came into being back in 2004 while Zuckerberg was at Harvard College, so the image would reportedly have been from the fifth year the tech billionaire was at the helm of the company.

As for what he may have been dancing to, we can’t say, but news outlet My San Antoniohave compiled a Spotify playlist containing tracks the Meta mogul is believed to enjoy listening to.

One popular name listed is the French duo Daft Punk, but it appears he may also like listening to “Bulletproof” by La Roux, several tracks from Green Day and “Can’t Feel My Face” by The Weeknd.

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