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Instagram search might finally start working

Instagram is updating its search functions, so thank goodness for that.

Writing in a blog post, the head of the social media platform, Adam Mosseri said the platform will be “launching a series of improvements designed for inspiration and discovery” regarding search on the app which will make it “even easier to go deep on your interests”.

He wrote: “Search was originally created to help you navigate Instagram. We are soon launching a series of improvements designed for inspiration and discovery. These changes make Instagram Search more than just a way to find accounts and hashtags.

“The keywords you can use to search for content is expanding. We’re currently focused on getting keyword search results right in English, and will add support for other languages in the future.

“We’re also making search results better for exploration. For example, your search for “space” will show you space-related photos and videos, too. This is especially helpful when you don’t have an exact username or hashtag in mind when searching for a certain topic.

Until the update, Instagram has been giving users accounts, places, and hashtags when they search for something. The new update will also mean photos videos and stories will come up when searching for a term.

“We design all of our features to help you find the things you love,” Mosseri added. “We are constantly working on improvements to help you discover entertaining things to share with your friends, and we look forward to showing you more about how Instagram works in upcoming posts.”

A small win for social media obsessives.

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