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PETA released a list of animal-friendly things for people to do in Elden Ring

PETA released a list of animal-friendly things for people to do in Elden Ring
PETA releases list of animal-friendly activities in Elden Ring

Any opportunity PETA has to inform people of anti-friendly actions, they will take it.

Earlier this month the animal-activist group released a list of activities people can perform in the video game Elden Ring to promote good animal treatment and people are trolling them for it.

The highly anticipated video game was released back in February in collaboration with Game of Thrones author, George R.R. Martin. The game allows users to explore areas of the 'Lands Between' to level up their skillset in order to unlock more areas to explore and actions to perform.

Given the nature of the make-believe world, it seems strange for PETA to promote good animal ethics but the organization seems to believe that it can be done.

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PETA urged gamers to: "take your 'dogs' for a lovely walk around the lake", "persuade mercenaries not to exploit horses", "observe wildlife from a safe and respectful distance", "check out an animal sanctuary", and "spend a peaceful moment with amazing animals"

In addition to PETA's list of recommended gameplay activities, the organization included real advice to people like, "remember if 'sanctuary' offers hands-on experience, it's not legit" and "go vegan".

The organization has a long history of irritating people due to its provocative marketing techniques but many found their Elden Ring list humorous.

Others found used the opportunity to throw in their own jokes and troll PETA.

The animal rights organization has previously dipped its toe in the video game world to get share the importance of protecting animals with gamers.

PETA has released 16 parody and original video games. Some are takes on games that already exist that promote the hurting or killing of animals, others are completely original.

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