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Today is Valentine's Day, which has long been called out as a holiday invented to make money for retailers and to make single people feel bad.

While couples are obliged to go to dinner and give presents, single people are free but surrounded by advertising messaging that reminds them they are not in a relationship.

As we've discussed, that is because, culturally, romantic relationships are overvalued by society.

Pornhub, the porn streaming website, have decided to pitch to the single market (no hard Brexit puns please) and offer users free access to their 'Premium' section for one day only - Valentine's Day.

The section features videos in ultra high definition 4K - so that'll be a nice uptick in quality for the average user.

The company ran the same offer last year and saw their website traffic increase 308 per cent on the average day.

Picture:Picture: Pornhub Insights

The company also disclosed the most searched for terms, compared to average, on Valentine's Day.

Unsurprisingly, Valentine themed pornography tops the list for the same day (who doesn't love their porn thematic).

The rest of the top five rising terms are "cupid", "love", "massage", and "cuckold" - all terms which play on themes of intimacy.

Picture:Picture: Pornhub Insights

Shout out to the people responsible for the 101 per cent increase in 'making love'. Who says romance is dead?

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