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A real 'invisibility cloak' has been invented by Chinese scientists

A real 'invisibility cloak' has been invented by Chinese scientists
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Scientists have taken technology to a whole new level by bringing Harry Potter's invisibility cloak to life.

Chu Junhao unveiled his invention at a virtual event called Super Night of Science, with footage later shared online.

Clips show a man accompanied by two assistants holding a life-size sheet. They demonstrate how the translucent material works by initially placing it in front of the man's legs to show them in full view.

They then proceed to tilt it 90 degrees, and to the viewer's surprise, the lower half of his body entirely disappears.

It is said to work by using materials that manipulate light and give the impression of invisibility.

While some people believed it to be a hoax, others were left stunned by the revelation and immediately flooded X/Twitter with their takes.

"Harry Potter was ahead of his time with this one," one person joked, while another expressed their admiration for advanced technology, writing: "Man technology is amazing, things from sci-fi are actually coming to life, just hope these things will be put to good use."

A third humoured: "This is not invisibility. It’s hiding. You can still see it. Can’t walk unseen in the bank with that."

It comes after Harry Potter diehards spot a hidden theme in the film credits – 22 years after first releasing Philosopher's Stone.

With each new film, the Warner Bros logo seemingly becomes darker and darker, until, by the last film, it is a threatening, inky black.

Fans have theorised that the changes reflect the tone of the plot, with the final films Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows parts one and two's opening credits appearing rusty with material peeling off the Warner Bros logo.

Viewers couldn’t escape the fact that, for young Potter fans, it somehow reflected how life gets more serious as we get older.

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