Siri has the best response to questions about Caitlyn Jenner

Apple's digital assistant Siri has a controversial history when it comes to LGBT rights. Most recently, its Russian language version was criticised for apparently having problems with gay marriage.

All of that means Siri's attitude to Caitlyn Jenner is a refreshing step forward. As BuzzFeed first noted, if users ask the virtual assistant questions using the Olympian's former name they will be automatically corrected - both in America and during's experiments in London (a lot of the credit also has to go to 'answer engine' Wolfram Alpha).

That doesn't mean the digital assistant does not have more to do. Outside the realm of LGBT rights, it's been four years since Siri hit the headlines for being unable to direct its users to an abortion clinic and it still cannot find one in London. And forget about asking it what zero times zero is.

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