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Here is the science behind why eating kiwis helps you fall asleep

Here is the science behind why eating kiwis helps you fall asleep
Satisfying Kiwi Play With ASMR Sounds

When you struggle to sleep you might drink herbal teas or tire yourself out with exercise, but have you ever considered eating a kiwi?

It sound strange but experts at have explained why the fruit helps you zonk out and there's some interesting science behind it.

They said: "Kiwi fruit has been a feature in many people's bedtime routines for many years, and the science backs up the kiwi's value as a sleep aid.

"Studies have shown that kiwi fruit can help improve sleep quality, sleep timings, and sleep efficiency after a month of regular kiwifruit consumption before sleep."

Why? They added: "Kiwifruit contains high amounts of serotonin and antioxidants, as well as vitamins like folate, and B vitamin, which can help to treat sleep disorders as well as help reset your sleep schedule."

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So next time you are tossing and turning and regretting having too much coffee late in the day, just reach for some fruit and that should sort things out for you just nicely.

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