Someone built a homemade laser shotgun to show science is fun

Ever thought science was dull? Think again.

Meet Drake Anthony, 22.

He's a student at Southern Illinois University where he is studying chemistry, physics and mathematics.

He also runs a channel on YouTube called StyroPyro, which is famous for the “DIY Laser Guy series in which, you guessed it, he builds his own pretty impressive lasers.

The latest in the series is what he calls a '40W Laser Shotgun', which is capable of popping balloons, setting paper alight and melting a ping pong ball at distance.

His other creations include laser swords, drones and lava lamps.

Drake says:

My hope is that some of my younger viewers will see that science can be a lot more fun than what school can present, and maybe give them enough of a spark to use science to change the world someday.

But as he puts it, dangerous is "an understatement with this thing". Exciting, but not something to try and build at home.

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