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Every glass of water you have drank contains dinosaur wee

Every glass of water you have drank contains dinosaur wee
What If We Brought Dinosaurs Back From Extinction?

Experts have explained the reason why every glass of water we consume has dinosaur urine in it and it's not as gross as it sounds.

When you get a cold glass of water from the tap, chances are you don’t think much about it before getting it down the hatch, so long as it looks clean.

But, water experts have explained that the water you’re drinking may have gone through a dinosaur or even through your neighbour, before getting to you.

This is because every drop of water on Earth has gone through a continuous water cycle over billions of years, and the amount of water on the planet at any given time is always the same.

Severn Trent Water explained more, telling the Birmingham Mail how our planet's water cycle works.

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They explained: “ Heat energy from the sun causes water to evaporate into the atmosphere from sea, lakes and the soil.

“Air currents containing water vapour rise over higher ground into cooler temperatures which causes condensation and creates clouds.

“More air currents cause the clouds to move around the Earth, across sea and land. As the clouds cool, precipitation as snow, sleet, hail or rain.”

They explained that the vast majority of precipitation on Earth ends up back in waterways, such as seas, lakes and rivers.

Continuing, they revealed: “97 per cent of the world’s water is salty sea water, two per cent is frozen in the polar ice caps and one per cent is fresh water for us to use.”

Water companies collect and store water in reservoirs, which is then treated and tested by the Environment Agency and Drinking Water Inspectorate.

It can then be distributed to homes through pipes. Then, the wastewater that has been used is transported through drains and sewers to sewage treatment works and returned to streams and rivers.

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