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This woman may have the best job in the world

This woman may have the best job in the world

A recent survey of the best jobs in the UK included lawyers, software engineers, product managers and marketeers.

But after reading about Karleen Howden, we can only assume it excluded all roles that are somewhat NSFW.

The 30 year old from Bexley, Kent, says she has the best job in the world and we have to agree it sounds good.

The professional sex toy tester tells the Press Association: “There’s always some kind of orgasm going on.”

Howden, who tests toys for Ann Summers, says she even gives toys to her mother and sisters to try out.

"Hearing how openly I talk about sex has made my friends more comfortable speaking about their own experience," she said.

"I’ve been brought up to be open about sex. It was never a taboo in our household. I’ve got five sisters and I’ve sent all of them toys to try out.

"I’ve also sent my mum kegel balls, which are designed to tighten the pelvic floor muscles. We tell each other absolutely everything so it wasn’t awkward at all."

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