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The US government has apparently found an 'intact' alien aircraft

The US government has apparently found an 'intact' alien aircraft
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All eyes have been on Nasa's long-awaited UFO report, with around 800 events recorded over the past 27 years and unexplained metallic flying orbs within Earth's airspace.

But now, one former US agent has claimed materials have been recovered that could support the existence of UFOs.

David Charles Grusch, an ex-member of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency and National Reconnaissance Office, claimed the US government has a 'non-human origin' in-tact craft that they're keeping from the public.

Speaking to NewsNation, Grusch said: "These are retrieving non-human origin technical vehicles, call it a spacecraft if you will, non-human exotic origin vehicles that have either landed or crashed."

Grusch was once the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency’s senior technical adviser for Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) analysis with Top Secret/Secret Compartmented Information clearance, according to The Debrief.

He also acted as a senior intelligence officer in the National Reconnaissance Office with a total of 14 years experience.

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Grusch suggested he was denied access to a materials recovery programme which included evidence of such crafts.

"I thought it was totally nuts and I thought at first I was being deceived, it was a ruse," he said.

"People started to confide in me. Approach me. I have plenty of senior, former intelligence officers that came to me, many of which I knew almost my whole career, that confided in me that they were part of a program."

He explained to The Debrief that he had prepared many briefs on UFOs for Congress but decided to provide hours of classified information and data about the materials recovery programme. Grusch claimed the materials recovery programme was hidden away from proper congressional oversight.

An unclassified version of the document obtained by The Debrief, said that Grusch has knowledge that UAP-related information is being withheld or concealed from Congress, "to purposely and intentionally thwart legitimate congressional oversight of the UAP program."

The complaint suggested that he confidentially provided classified information to the Department of Defense Inspector General about the withheld information but Grusch believes his identity was disclosed.

Grusch is now filing a whistleblower complaint, alleging that he suffered retaliation for disclosing the confidential information.

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