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This website lets you check just how far away you'd need to be to survive a meteor strike

This website lets you check just how far away you'd need to be to survive a meteor strike
How Can Earth Avoid An Asteroid Strike?

A new website has shook people up because it shows just how far away you need to be to survive a destructive meteor strike.

Created by creative coder Neal Agarwal, Asteroid Launcher puts on a demonstration of the catastrophe asteroid impact has.

"New page! Make your own asteroid and launch it at Earth to see the effects," he tweeted on Monday (5 December).

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Agarwal also jokingly said that people should wear a "jacket" if the meteor hits because it will be "windy" but also recommended not wearing too many clothes because it will be "a few thousand degrees."

Using Apple Maps to create a virtual map of the world, the site has many features that allow users to take control of where they want to launch the meteor.

They can choose the speed, which ranges from 1,000 to 250,000 mph; the size, which runs from 3ft to 1 mile long, and the impact angle of the meteor, which ranges from 5 degrees to 90 degrees.

People also decide on the composition of the asteroid, which includes options like comets, gold asteroids, iron asteroids, stone asteroids, and carbon asteroids.

The composition of the asteroid does affect the damage it will cause.

A report from Science Daily stated that the asteroid size doesn't matter as much as the rock composition of the impacted area.

Some of the asteroid's composition creates dust and debris that rises into the Earth's atmosphere, creating global debacles. Others will just destroy everything in the surrounding area.

Many people worldwide on social media found Agarwal's creation to be interesting, as they commented and shared screenshot images of the hypothetical meteor destruction.

One person on Twitter wrote: "Didn't know I needed this today but."

"This is cool," another added while a third quipped: "If you too woke up today and chose violence…"

Someone else who thinks it's a bit eerie but cool added: "Creepy kind of fun. But really interesting."

Check out other reactions below.

Besides Asteroif launcher, Agarwal also has a bunch of other "tiny websites," including an "Earth Reviews" site in which people can write reviews of earthly things like gum, glasses and elevators, to name a few.

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