Man tries to claim the Nazis were socialist and gets shut down by a history teacher

There's few portions of history that are more mythologised and destorted than the second world war.

And one of the most common misconceptions, which seems to rear its head often, is the idea that the far-right German Nazi party were socialists.

'Nazi' is their short name. But the full name for the 'Nazi' party was the "National Socialist German Workers' Party" ("Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei" in German).

The fact that the far-right party contained 'socialist' in the name was a rebranding gambit to draw workers away from communism and into populist nationalism.

Despite this, the populist nationalists that support the likes of Donald Trump, regularly take the opportunity to remind modern day liberal or left-leaning critics of white-supremacists and neo-nazis that 'Socialism' was included in the Nazi party name.

But if you're looking to shut down this suggestion when it next comes up, look no further than this epic Twitter exchange.

Mike Stuchbery, a teacher and writer whose passion is history, sought to correct the misconception.

This is quite a long explanation and it's a little foulmouthed. You've been warned.

Mic drop.

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