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Worker who 'lost her job to AI' applies for role training AI to do her job

Worker who 'lost her job to AI' applies for role training AI to do her job
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A woman on TikTok claimed she lost her job to artificial intelligence, and has now applied for the role to train AI to do her job in a bizarre turn of events.

Copywriter Emily (@emilyhanley69) took to the platform to share that her company laid her off and brought in AI as a cheaper alternative.

She then explained how there was a job opening to train the software to copy write.

"And I’m going to have to take it," she said. "I’m going to have to take it because I cannot afford my apartment."

She continued: "I’m about to eat a can of garbanzo beans. I’m selling off my possessions. I’m in no place to turn down a job. No place."

"It’s literally going to take away the prospect [of] me finding a job in the future. But I don’t have a way out. There’s no choice for me," she said.

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Update: I didn’t get the job! #AI #work #copywriter

While Emily later updated her followers that she did not get offered the job, fellow TikTokers took to the comments with their own takes on the situation.

One person encouraged her to "Embrace it. Market yourself as a Ai consultant who trains Ai to write. Get the bag mama."

Another highlighted how "short sighted" AI could potentially be across companies. "I just can't see how AI replaces writers well. it would give every company the same copy in a market basically," they wrote.

A third focused on the positives, writing: "The flip side is, your next set of jobs could literally be being a consultant for marketing firms on using AI in their practice. You’ve got this!"

Meanwhile, one fellow TikToker came up with a genius plan to "train AI to do the job wrong" as a form of revenge.

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