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This guy explains why the 3310 is the best phone. Ever

Marques Brownlee / YouTube

YouTuber Marques Brownlee has asked the ultimate question: Is the Nokia 3310 the perfect smartphone?

Brownlee pitted our childhood favourite against his “five pillars of a great smartphone”.

They are: great battery, great build, great performance, great camera and great display.


I can pretty much guarantee it lasts longer than your current phone


It’s a little bit thick… Its mildly water resistant, dust, drop and shower resistant.

And nail resistant, apparently.

Picture:Picture: Marques Brownlee / YouTube


I’ve been flipping really fast through menu options and I can see pretty much no lag at all. I threw some pretty big numbers at the calculator… And it seemed to handle it just fine.


Well, no but he puts a good spin on it:

Nokia took a really courageous approach with this one and just straight up didn’t include a camera at all. If your not going to include the absolute best camera, why waste space? Just don’t put it in at all. You don’t have anything to worry about on the back of the phone, no smudges, and also no camera bump.


He gives the display an eight out of 10.

Bonus points

It boots up "super-fast", Brownlee says.

Here's the full video. But before you go out and buy the Nokia of nostalgia, just bear in mind this video was posted as part of an April Fools Day prank.

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