How accurate are films inspired by true events?

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Writer and designer David McCandless has broken down how accurate films are, so you don’t have to.

He has taken recent and well known films that are based on true events, and tracked how true to history the films remain throughout.

The truth levels are broken down by looking at which parts of the film are true, false and unverifiable.

Blue is truthful, pink is not.

Here are some of the films McCandless has broken down, and how true they really are:

Lion (2016)

A 61.4 per cent truth rating

Picture:Picture: David McCandless

Hacksaw Ridge (2016)

A 51.5 per cent truth rating

Hidden Figures (2016)

A 72.6 per cent truth rating


The Big Short (2015)

A whopping 91.4 per cent truth rating


Spotlight (2015)

76.2 per cent truth rating


Selma (2015)

An amazing 100 per cent truth rating


See the full data here.

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