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Movie and TV quotes are like a game of Chinese Whispers. Over time, they become less and less accurate until they bear little resemblance to the original wording.

A video by Cracked has rounded up six of the biggest quote fails:

1. 'Mirror, mirror, on the wall'

This quote originates from Snow White, and has become a well-known phrase. It was even repeated in the recent Snow White remake. Except, the actual words used in the original scene were, “Magic mirror on the wall”. Whoops.

2. 'Cowabunga'

This catchy word first appeared on an episode of The Simpsons, where Bart has it on a T-shirt, along with his other best-known quotes. It caught on quickly, but Bart never actually said it.

3. 'Welcome to earf'

In the film Independence Day, Will Smith, in fact, says "Welcome to earth," and not "Welcome to earf," as people thought. Although, Smith says it very clearly - so where the confusion came from is a mystery.

4. 'Play it again, Sam'

This quote, from Casablanca, was never actually said. The actually quote is just "Play it".

5. 'Luke, I am your father'

One of the most famous film quotes ever was never actually said. The actual quote was, "No, I am your father".

6. Beam me up, Scotty

Star Treks famous line was never actually said. There was "Scotty, beam me up," and "Beam me up, Mr Spcok," which are close - but not quite.

Check out the full video below:

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