How much would it cost to insure Batman's Batmobile?

How much would it cost to insure Batman's Batmobile?
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Batman is one of the most iconic fictional characters in the world.

Also known as Bruce Wayne, he is as a cool, crime-fighting vigilante who wages war on the criminals of Gotham City while driving around in his Batmobile.

But, we can’t help but wonder… how much would the insurance be on that thing?

With the latest instalment of the Batman saga hitting cinemas of 4th March - starring Robert Pattinson as the brooding superhero himself – the pricing experts at Admiral Insurance have calculated how much Mr. Wayne’s insurance on the Batmobile would be.

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Firstly, Batman’s occupation as a ‘vigilante’ would be considered as high-risk by insurers, as would his home of Gotham City which is filled with crime, thefts and violence.

The Batmobile itself is a custom model, high-value vehicle equipped with state-of-the-art technology and modifications which would be pretty tricky and expensive to repair.

They include armour plating, rocket launchers, stealth mode and more – much to the dismay of anyone trying to fix the Batmobile after a high-speed pursuit with the Joker.

Also, speaking of high-speed pursuits, Mr Wayne’s previous speeding convictions and damage claims from his countless superhero missions would not make him an ideal candidate to insure for a low price.

Therefore, the annual insurance for the Batmobile is thought to be in the region of £75,000.

Clare Egan, head of motor product at Admiral, said: “Obviously we can’t take Batman through our normal quote process to give an accurate figure, so this price is an estimate based on what we know about him and the Batmobile, and we’d expect his insurance costs to be way above that of the average car owner.

“Clearly as a vigilante, he has a dangerous job and Gotham City is a high-risk area, so we’d need to take those into account.”

To cut down the cost of his insurance, Admiral recommended a black box to measure his driving and to consider getting into less high-speech vigilante pursuits.

But, considering Batman is a billionaire, we’re sure a bit of car insurance is the least of his worries.

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