Bill Cosby makes inappropriate joke, considering the circumstances

Tl;dr “You have to be careful about drinking around me.”

US comedian Bill Cosby, who has been at the centre of allegations that he drugged and raped a number of women, is currently on a stand-up tour.

At his latest show in London, Ontario, he stopped a woman who stood up and headed for the exit, asking her where she was going.

When she replied that she was going to the bar to get a drink, the 77-year-old replied: “You have to be careful about drinking around me.”

The gag was reportedly met with loud cheers from the audience. Later on in the show an audience member accosted Cosby and shouted that he was a rapist. The man was removed from the show.

Dear fans: one outburst but over 2,600 loyal, patient and courageous fans enjoyed the most wonderful medicine that exist for humankind. Laughter.

I thank you, the theatre staff (Budweiser Gardens), the event organisers and the London, ON community for your continued honour and support. I’m far from finished.

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