Blake Lively claps back at husband Ryan Reynolds’ trolling after their Covid vaccinations

<p>Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ have continued their tradition of trolling each other on social media.</p>

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ have continued their tradition of trolling each other on social media.

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Actor Blake Lively hit back her husband’s habit of trolling her following the famous couple both getting their Covid vaccine.

Both Ryan Reynolds and his wife Blake Lively posted pictures of themselves getting their coronavirus jab on social media.

They also praised all the healthcare professionals who led up to their moment of inoculation, including the “heroic” nurse who carried out the procedure and Jessica Malaty Rivera, a lead on The Covid Tracking Project.

However, they did take the opportunity to jibe at each other.

Ryan sported a hot pink beanie with a caption roasting himself for it on his Instagram story, as it read “Science is sexy. The hat? Perhaps not?”

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Then proceeding to drag his wife into the joke, he posted a poll asking “who wore it better” with a side by side of him in the hat and a snapshot of Blake in 2020’s The Rhythm Section.

She replied to the vote, saying “My husband tryin’ to troll me while he’s lookin’ like a Bernie meme & Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou had a hot ass offspring. Good luck with this one.”

Lively referenced both the viral meme inspired by Senator Bernie Sanders’ body language at president Joe Biden’s inauguration and the 2004 Wes Anderson movie starring Bill Murray.

Blake and Ryan are constantly ribbing each other in the media, whether it be online or in the press.

Recently, he joked to the Late Show With Stephen Colbert that he’d been “mostly drinking” to cope with isolating with Blake, mother-in-law and three young daughters.

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