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A Scottish singer has gone viral after a video of him singing a song he called The Boris Brexit Song was shared on social media online.

The musician, called Callum Beattie penned the ditty mocking the Tory leader frontrunner and talked about his worries over the UK’s imminent departure from the European Union.

You know, the fun stuff.

Beattie, from Edinburgh, sings about Boris Johnson’s Oxford education, his recent spat with his partner and Brexit's uncertainty.

In one part of the song he sings: “Boris went to Oxford, he got his degree, in robbing people’s taxes with deceptive policies.”

He’ll privatise the NHS, cos that’s what Tories do the best, it’s Boris,

He’s never been to Scotland's worse, council estates – but he might make the decisions,

As someone’s gonna make it worse,

And leave you scraping through your purse, it’s Boris.

Of Brexit, he sang:

I don’t know why we’re leaving,

Or where we’re gonna go,

Brexit’s a disaster and I just don’t want to know,

And for too many years, he’s been hurting my ears, it’s Boris.

Beattie addressed the argument between Johnson and his partner, which lead to his neighbours calling the police and forcing him to dodge questions about it from the press thereafter.

“He fell out with his neighbours,” the Scotsman began.

So they called the police,

And when the pound is in decline,

He’ll have caviar at breakfast time, it’s Boris.

The video, which was uploaded to his Facebook page received lots of love; it was shared over 7.5k times and viewed a quarter of a million times so far.

The singer told the Daily Record: "To be honest, it's quite tongue in cheek but I did do some research and watched plenty of interviews of him and just wanted to raise my concerns.”

I want to provoke people into thinking so they're not taking it lying down.

Here's the entire, glorious song:

Over 500 people commented on the video, praising the young singer.

“Brilliant,” one Facebook user wrote, whilst another added, “Love it.”

And he gained fans from across the pond, with Facebook user Margarita Corrada, from America, writing:

Love it Callum, come to Washington DC, we need some of your irreverence!!!

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