People think that a 2011 Captain America film predicted the pandemic

A screenshot from the 2011 Marvel movie Captain America: The First Avenger has gone viral as some people thing it predicted the coronavirus pandemic.

The image in question is from the closing scene of the film in which Steve Rogers escapes from SHIELD headquarters in New York City after discovering that he is no longer in the 1940s but the modern-day.

As a bewildered Cap runs through Times Square, eagle-eyed fans noticed two very suspicious posters behind the hero.

One was for Corona beer, which isn't that strange, but the second appeared to be of the illustration of the novel virus that we have all become familiar with over the past few months.

Fans began sharing the image, claiming that Marvel were part of some 'new world order' conspiracy to unleash coronavirus on the Earth nine years after this film was released.

Of course, it is complete nonsense to suggest a movie could have foreseen the devastating pandemic that far in advanced and these posters are nothing more than a mere coincidence.

However, what is the poster on the right all about? Why would there be a huge image of a microscopic virus in Times Square in 2011?

Well, writer and film critic William Mullally, was so intrigued by this image that he did a deep dive into advertisements that would have featured in New York at this time and he appears to have gotten to the bottom of this mystery.

So there you go, it wasn't coronavirus at all but just an advert for spaghetti. Just to prove it the myth-busting website Snopes spoke to the past manufacturer Barilla who said:

This is definitely not the type of question we normally find ourselves in the position of being asked … Any potential reference to the current global pandemic we find ourselves in would be purely coincidental. If the Marvel Universe is able to predict the future, I sure hope I don’t come across any evil demigods who are intent on decimating the planet and the universe.

Also, if Marvel had predicted coronavirus, why didn't they mention it in Endgame, which was set in 2023?

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