Captain Marvel: Brie Larson shuts down trolls who keep telling her to smile

By now we're almost certain that you will have seen the brilliant Captain Marvel trailer, which dropped earlier this week.

It's pretty awesome - even though it only gives us a tantalising taste of what we can expect when the film is released next year.

In terms of a trailer, it's got everything you could possibly want. Female empowerment. A Blockbuster video reference. Brie Larson punching an old woman in the face.

Yet, amazingly, some folks on the internet found something to be upset about and you'll be astonished at what it is.

No, it's not the way the Skrull's look, or the unaging of Samuel L. Jackson, but it's the fact that Brie Larson doesn't do a whole lot of smiling in the trailer.

So, these 'fans' tried to fix a few of the stills in the film.

This is such a boring and tired narrative, especially when it comes to actresses.

Like, she's in a superhero film for goodness sake. When was the last time you saw Captain America or Iron Man crack a smile when fighting Thanos or Ultron?

Perhaps that's something that Brie herself noticed as she decided to clap back at this type of sexist abuse.

Rather than take to Twitter and give the trolls too much satisfaction, she posted an Instagram story where the faces of Iron Man, Captain America and Doctor Strange had all been changed to show them smiling like deranged goons.

We think you could say that Brie just owned those online nerds.

Really, why would Captain Marvel, aka Carol Danvers, a fighter pilot with alien powers who is probably going to kick Thanos' butt in the next Avengers film, have time for smiling?

Honestly internet. You really need to take a good long look at yourselves.

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