If you haven't watched the Captain Marveltrailer yet, where on Earth have you been?

The preview of the latest Marvel blockbuster, starring Brie Larson as the titular character, has already got fans going giddy at the prospect of seeing the first female-fronted film in the franchise's history.

Lots of moments in the trailer caught people's attention, but one above all has already taken the internet by storm.

It's this one, where Brie Larson inexplicably punches an old woman on a bus right in the face.

We mean, wow! What on Earth is all that about? (Yes, we know it's probably one of the Skrulls, the film's main baddies but bear with us here.)

Although we don't condone punching anyone in the face, let alone an old woman, the internet has found a relatable way to repurpose this moment to make it an oddly relatable meme.

Here are some of our favourites.

Of course, when it comes to any superhero related stuff there are always plenty of geeky references and in-jokes.

Others are just freaking out at how good the trailer was.

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