Channel 4 imagines dystopian future under prime minister Nigel Farage

Channel 4 imagines dystopian future under prime minister Nigel Farage

Three months into Britain’s first Ukip government, pubs are again filled with cigarette smoke, border guards are forcibly repatriating illegal immigrants, and the streets are filled with violent protests. Prime Minister Nigel Farage is accused of dividing the nation with his “racist” policies.

This is the provocative scenario played out in a “plausible” Channel 4 drama-documentary, Ukip: The First Hundred Days, which imagines the effect on Britain of a Ukip win in May.

Produced by the team behind the “disaster” film Blackout, which explored the effects of a cyber-attack on Britain’s electricity grid, the Ukip film combines archive footage and scripted drama to depict civil unrest as the party tries to enact its policies.

The film, which portrays many Ukip supporters as racist, is likely to infuriate Nigel Farage, who was invited to discuss the scenario in a Channel 4 interview with Jeremy Paxman after the programme, which will be broadcast at 9pm on Monday.

Channel 4 hopes the film will attract a young audience, who might not normally watch a political programme. Richard Bond, the producer at Raw TV, said he would like to attempt a similar film about the Greens but Ukip had been chosen because their surge in popularity made the party the “story” of the election.

Mr Bond said: “I hope Nigel Farage watches it. I think he will find it plausible. We explore the policies Ukip are clear about, and imagine what would happen if they were implemented.”

The post-screening interview offer appears to have been shelved after Channel 4 and the Ukip leader could not come to an agreement. The docudrama is not required to show balance as it is being shown outside the election period.

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