SNL legend Dana Carvey nails Joe Biden impression on Late Show

SNL legend Dana Carvey nails Joe Biden impression on Late Show

Much like his predecessor, Joe Biden has been notoriously difficult to impersonate during the first months of his presidency.

While Donald Trump was hard to caricature due to his distinctive speech and cartoonish style, it’s been hard for comedians and impersonators to work out exactly what to focus on with Biden’s folksy persona.

Saturday Night Live (SNL) has already tried out five different Biden impersonators - from Jason Sudeikis to Jim Carrey - and no-one has quite hit the mark.

No-one that is until comedy legend and former SNL cast-member Dana Carvey, who offered up his impressive take on the president for the Late Show’s Stephen Colbert last night.

Carvey explained that he decided to focus his impression on Biden’s “gentle father” persona that he often uses at town hall events and in major addresses, capturing his sometimes incoherent stream of consciousness style of speech.

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Carvey added that the secret to his impression was not worrying about looking like he was making fun of the president’s age.

He told Colbert: “There’s a lot there if you just don’t worry about the fact that he’s 78 and he gets a little confused sometimes. It doesn’t mean you’re attacking him personally…

“But you have to acknowledge that, you know, he’s just like ‘we’re gonna try… we’re doing things, you know… and, and, come on... here’s the deal...’”

And the response on social media so far suggests that he could be in the running for a return to SNL if he wants the job…

In fact, it may be the only thing uniting those on the left and right of US politics right now:

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