On Saturday, Donald Trump spoke at Liberty University in Virginia.

It happens to be the largest Christian university in the country, and the President of the school, Jerry Falwell Jr., claims he was Mr Trump's first pick for the post of Secretary of Education.

Trump eventually plumped for Betsy DeVos, a Republican donor on the Christian right who left senators unimpressed at her understanding of policy at her confirmation hearing.

Vice President Mike Pence cast the tie-breaking vote to secure her the job, the first time a Vice President has ever needed to for a cabinet secretary.


Trump spoke at the university and, as The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon pointed out, segments of the speech bear striking similarities to the speech from the ending of Legally Blonde:

Granted, commencement and graduation speeches are often full of the same old fluff, but you'd hope a president would speak with a little more intelligence and verve.

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