Even JK Rowling is writing Harry Potter fan fiction

Even JK Rowling is writing Harry Potter fan fiction

JK Rowling has revisited her Harry Potter series, writing a 500-word biography of new character Celestina Warbeck, known as the Singing Sorceress. Celestina was mentioned in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and is Molly Weasley's favourite singer.

According to the biography, "her father, a minor functionary in the Muggle Liaison Office, met her Muggle mother (a failed actress) when the latter was attacked by a Lethifold disguised as a stage curtain".

Celestina is said to resemble Shirley Bassey, and interestingly, "three devoted fans were involved in a nasty three-broom pile up over Liverpool while trying to reach the last night of her 'Flighty Aphrodite' tour, and her tickets often appear on the black market at vastly inflated prices."

You can read the full piece here, but it essentially reads like (excellent) Harry Potter fan fiction.

It comes just one month after JK Rowling published another story about how Harry Potter was finding life in his mid-30s (bad news Drinny shippers*, Ginny and Harry are still together).

This will mean something to people who read fan fiction, honest.

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