In 1896, cinema pioneers the Lumiere Brothers screened their very short film Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat.

The screening of the film caused pandemonium, as people were so scared that they ran away from the screen in fear that the train was actually going to hit them.

That was 122 years ago when cinema was still in its primitive form. You would hope, in 2018, that people would be able to tell the difference between reality and fiction.

Sadly, that doesn't seem to be the case at Fox News.

In an article published on 10 October, the news network attempts to shame actor Jamie Lee Curtis for brandishing a gun in her new horror movie, Halloween.

This attack on the 59-year-old star stems from the fact that she is an anti-gun activist and, Fox being Fox, want to maintain their status as being defenders of the second amendment intact.

Following a number of high profile shootings in the US, Curtis has used her voice on social media to campaign for stronger gun control legislation to be introduced.

The Fox News article also cites her role in films such as True Lies, Virus, Halloween II and Blue Steel (all of which were filmed in the 90s and 80s), where she also uses a gun, as being contradictory to her own personal views.

A Twitter post that she shared on 25 January to promote Halloween is also referenced in the article.

Now, we hate to point out the obvious here, but when Jamie Lee Curtis is in a movie she is playing a character, and the character's goals, views and aspirations are more than likely to be different to her own.

Fox has since tweeted a link to the article and it has gone down a treat on Twitter.

Others began to point out other actors whose on-screen actions could be considered 'controversial'.

We hate to be 'that guy' but it's worth pointing out that Curtis is protecting herself from a crazed serial killer in Halloween, which for our money is a lot different to shooting innocent and unarmed people in a school.

The article goes on to criticise other actors like George Clooney, Julianne Moore, Sally Field and Jim Carey for playing gun-touting characters when calling for gun reforms.

Senator Ted Cruz is also quoted on the issue. He told TMZ:

Hollywood liberals on gun control is akin to Hollywood liberals on global warming.

Which is they fly their private jets to a conference, step out and say, ‘Global warming is terrible.

Let’s take away everything from the working men and women.’ And then they get back on their private jet and fly back. Same thing on gun control.

If you have a bevy of armed security officers protecting you, maybe you shouldn’t be trying to strip Second Amendment rights from law-abiding citizens.

Sigh... Maybe they need to a little re-education from Father Ted Crilly...

HT Fox News

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