The festive season has officially begun because John Lewis has commented on the John Lewis Christmas advert.

John Lewis (the man) has achieved a niche level of social media fame in recent years after he registered the Twitter handle “@johnlewis” back in 2007 – three years before John Lewis (the brand) registered their official account.

That means every year when the brand’s Christmas advert comes out, John is inundated with requests and comments from customers.

What makes the mistaken identity even funnier is John is from Blacksburg, Virginia, and probably had no idea anyone in the UK cared about these adverts until recently.

It’s happened so many times that Twitter made him the star of their 2018 Christmas advert.

And this year is looking like it'll be as frustrating as usual for him.

RIP to John's Twitter mentions.

But at least he's a key part of the British Christmas experience now.

If Christmas adverts aren’t your thing, you can enjoy all the jokes about the John Lewis ad instead.

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