Kanye West's controversial meeting with Donald Trump in the White House on Thursday has proven to be one of the biggest and strangest talking points of the week.

A lot of odd things were said by the rapper and people really couldn't make head or tail of what he was trying to say.

Given that Kanye is arguably one of the biggest celebrities on the planet right now, his questionable fondness for Trump has created a lot of dialogue on social media.

Most people either profoundly disagree with the rappers views or are completely and utterly confused.

Some of the most interesting reactions have come from celebrities, who have opposed Trump and his policies for years.

Yet, the strongest reactions seem to have come from West's fellow musicians who have strongly condemned him for meeting with Trump.

T.I. who claims to have been invited to the White House by Kanye posted a lengthy criticism but has now said that he is done with him as this was the "last straw."

Despite the seriousness of the situation, others did find ways to make a few jokes.

Kanye did find himself with some supporters in high places. Those being the National Rifle Association.

HT Daily Mail

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