Yesterday, the entire planet reached peak 2018 when President Donald Trump had lunch with famed rapper Kanye West and was as weird as predicted.

West had been invited alongside former NFL star Jim Brown to discuss a variety of topics including urban revitalisation, prison reform and record highs of African American employment.

Yet, Kanye being Kanye managed to dominate the meeting with a series of bizarre statements and ramblings which got the internet talking.

Most of the oddest moments came during a 10-minute speech from West where he talked about alternate universes, Superman and redesigning Air Force One.

That's just scratching the surface so allow us to give to you the XX moments from this strangest of meetings.

Donald Trump's face

Before we go into anything that Kanye said or did in the Oval Office, we really have to talk about Donald Trump's face.

Whenever the rapper talked it was almost as if the president was processing in real time whether this was actually a good idea.

Alternate universes

We know that Ye has a lot to say for himself but even Trump wouldn't have been able to predict some of the stuff that he would come out with.

Part of his 10-minute speech touched on notorious Chicago gang member Larry Hoover, who is serving six life sentences and how Kanye believes he could help him.

So there's a theory that -- there's infinite amounts of universe and there's alternate universe so it's very important for me to get [Larry] Hoover out, because in an alternate universe, I am him and I have to go and get him free.

"I love this guy"

This is something that happened in the White House. Kanye West said that he 'loved' Donald Trump and embraced him.


Unfortunately, this wasn't a thoughtful conversation about the many merits of the Last Son of Krypton.

Instead, it was Kanye telling Trump how the MAGA hats make him feel like he's wearing Superman's cape.

It was something about when I put this hat on. ... It made me feel like Superman.

That's my favourite superhero. And you made a Superman cape for me

People weren't impressed:

Referencing the Unabomber

Kanye's controversial opinions on the 13th amendment came up in the meeting.

While explaining why he feels the amendment should be repealed, West managed to drop a reference to the domestic terrorist Theodore J. Kazynski, aka the Unabomber.

Why? Who knows?

If you're building a floor, the constitution is the base of our industry, right, of our country, of our company.

Would you build a trap door that if you mess up and you accidentally something happens, you fall and you end up next to the Unabomber

Kanye's phone password

Easily the funniest and most meme-worthy moment from the meeting was when Kanye unlocked his phone to show Trump a picture (more on that later).

Camera's managed to pick up that Kanye's password wasn't anything. Except it was '000000,' which is so unbelievably simple that we don't even know where to start.

Once the internet got a hold of this footage there was no stopping them:

The hydrogen plane

After Kanye showed the entire world his password he then showed Trump his plans for the new and improved Air Force One.

Dubbed the iPlane-1, Kanye explained that he wants Apple to design the plane, which should be the best and most technically advance plane ever built.

This is out of the belief that the president should be looking good all the time.

"Trump is on his hero's journey"

Kanye later says that Trump is on his 'hero's journey'. Why? How? We honestly don't have a clue.

Because time is a myth. All we have is now.

All we really have is today. We just have today. Over and over and over again. Hero's journey.

And Trump is on his hero's journey right now and he might not think he would have a crazy motherf****r like Kanye West's support and best believe, we are going to make America great.

Trump's reaction after Kanye finished speaking

As we said earlier, it's unlike Trump to be lost for words but when Kanye finished his speech he genuinely didn't know what to say.

Trump endorsing Kanye for president

The weirdness didn't stop there. When taking questions from the press Trump seemed to endorse Kanye for a presidential bid in the near future.

How Kanye feels about working in the White House

After the meeting was officially over and the reporters began to leave, Kanye was overheard saying working in the White House is "officially insane."


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