Katy Perry sparks backlash for 'tone deaf' comments about talking to Trump supporters
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Katy Perry's suggestion that Biden voters reach out to their Trump-supporting family hasn't gone down well.

The singer urged people to tell their family members who don't agree with them that they are loved.

Perry was accused of failing to acknowledge her privilege as a rich, white woman who was largely unaffected by Trump's presidency.

It's not easy to agree to disagree about the validity of your own identity or rights.

Some differences of opinions are deal-breakers.

And for some, supporting Trump and his racist, misogynistic and transphobic legacy is one of those.

Clearly, the US has undergone an incredibly divisive election and Biden's presidency won't automatically broker peace.

But the priority moving forward must be justice for the marginalised peoples disenfranchised by Trump's presidency – not soothing his supporters for standing by him.

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